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Agency Power Sport Exhaust System Porsche 997 Turbo

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Having the perfect sounding exhaust system that helps gain power is not the easiest task at hand.  Turbocharged cars do not need any backpressure and ideally perform best with no restriction off of the turbo exhaust outlet.  However, this would cause your car to be incredibly loud and not comfortable for daily use.  Agency Power has developed this exhaust system to give Porsche 997 Turbo owners a race tone exhaust without the dreaded drone in the 2200-2800 rpm range.  The muffler system is designed to keep noise level down inside the cabin but roar at full throttle.   The exhaust features high flow 200 cell catalytic converters.  The cats work with the factory O2 primary and secondary sensors to not throw a check engine light.  The all 304 stainless steel is robotically tig welded and then mirror polished for a final product that only belongs on a exotic car like the Porsche.  The exhaust works with the factory tips or other aftermarket ones.
With the design of the Agency Power exhaust system for the 997 Turbo, it not only improves sound, it adds power and saves weight off the rear end.  The factory system is very bulky and weighs almost 60lbs.  The new Agency Power system cuts that by 50% to reduce weight on your already heavy rear engine car.  Because of the reduced restriction in the high flow 200 cell cats compared to the stock 400 cell, the turbos are able to relieve exhaust gas much quicker.  Agency Power uses larger 76mm piping to handle the increased horsepower.  The 1 piece rear muffler design also aids in gaining horsepower by reducing back pressure with a more free flowing internal construction.  As tested on our Mustang AWD Dyno, the exhaust gained 21 awhp and 32ft/lbs of torque.
This exhaust system has been tested on several different cars for just over a year.  One of the best tests we put this system through was on the 2009 Gumball 3000 Rally.  A 700HP 997TT Coupe and a 630HP 997TT Cab ran from LA to Miami running the Agency Power exhaust systems with great sound, no issues, and much praise from the owners.

Manufacturer: Agency Power
MFG Part #: AP-997TT-170
Car Model: Porsche 997 Turbo