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AP Complete Smoked Front Bumper LED Daytime Running Light Kit 997 Turbo 07 -12

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Item#: 60060

Agency Power has developed the only complete LED DRL (Daytime Running Light) kit available for the Porsche 997 Turbo and GT2 from 2007-2013.  After a year of development, these complete replacement kits are available for your vehicle.  We have created CNC machined molds to reproduce what the factory Porsche light assembly is.  These 2 halves are then supersonic welded together to prevent any moisture from infecting the inside of light.   Behind the highly polished clear housing is a a row of SMD LED lights which switch between orange (blinker) and bright white (DRL).  To ensure there are no warning lights caused from the different LEDs and resistance used, a sophisticated circuit board is placed inline.  The circuit board is in-cased in a waterproof black plastic housing.  The kit then includes the OEM factory Porsche black connection to plug into your stock system.  To make this a true DRL, we then include 1 long wire that is part of each light assembly to connect to switch power.  The front lights then work as DRLs and come on as soon as the ignition is powered.  The turn signals also function the same when you turn your blinkers or hazards on.  To ensure the circuit is complete, the small corner bulb is retained.  It is recommended to use a OEM type push-in bulb in white or hyper white.

To install the DRL kit on your vehicle, the OEM front bumper will need to be removed.  This is because the plug that connects to the stock front light is tucked away and inaccessible.  For those with aftermarket bumpers such as Vorsteiner, there is no need to remove the bumper.  After you plug the light kit in place, simply run the pair of switch power wires up into the trunk compartment and under the trim molding.  You will then need to pass the wires through the firewall and tap into a switch power fuse.  For those with 2010 and up cars with DRL fog lights, these can be disabled using Durametric software.
The pair of lights is shipped with everything you need (less tools) for installation.  These are not modified stock units so you are able to keep your original ones for resale.  The lights come with a 1 year warranty related to circuit board failure, LED failure, or moisture issues.  Lights modified by end user, damage from accidents, or improper use are not covered.  

Installation Guide : Click Here
Manufacturer: Agency Power
MFG Part #: AP-997TT-LEDSM
Car Model: 997 Turbo|997 GT2
From: 2007
To: 2012