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FK HighTec Sport Suspension, Mk3 Golf / Jetta, 8v 7.96-99, 60/40mm

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Strut bearings (complete kits, pair):

FK Hightec Sport Suspension kits feature a matched set of sport lowering springs and sport shocks. Provides a firm, but comfortable ride quality with improved handling. Lowering is approximate depending on model and equipment.

Please note! This kit is not recommend for use on VR6, although it will fit, as it will result in extreme lowering of the car, particularly the front end. The oil pan will be very close to the ground and NGP Racing cannot be held liable for oil pan damage due to use of this kit on a VR6 car. Lowering will be beyond 60mm in the front on a VR6 vehicle.
Image being used is for description only, and may not be the exact item being sold.
Why new strut bearings? offers (and recommends) replacement strut bearings for all VW and Audi vehicles that use them. Many people may not be familiar with what a strut bearing is or why they need to be replaced, so we've come up with this brief tutorial on what they are, and why it is wise to replace them when installing your new suspension...
A strut bearing is used at the top of all front (not rear) strut type suspensions. The strut, as an integral part of the front suspension assembly, must be able to turn freely as you turn the wheel left to right. The strut bearing is what allows this to happen. The strut bearing is typically comprised of two parts, the bearing and the bushing. On more modern cars these are two separate pieces, on older cars they are joined together. Being at the front of the car, these parts take a beating on every bump, dip and pot-hole that you hit. The bearings can become damaged and will bind / pop and make noise, as well as allow for play at the top of the strut. The rubber bushing will gradually become compressed and will no longer properly cushion the assembly in the strut tower. All of this adds up to a rougher ride, poor handling and increased tire wear due to changing alignment, and overall poor performance.
Installing new strut bearings will allow the car to be aligned properly, and will ensure you get the handling you desire with your new sport suspension. They are sold by the pair, and they require no extra labor when installing them with a new suspension. 

Manufacturer: FK Automotive
MFG Part #: FK99VW010
Car Model: MK3 Golf, GTI & Cabrio|MK3 Jetta & Vento
From: July 1996
To: 1999