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Black Xenon HID Projector Headlights With Corners for B5 Passat

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Crystal Black Housing Projector Headlight with Corner Signal Lights & Xenon HID Upgrade for 1998-2000 Volkswagen Passat B5 Chassis Models Only
Black Housing Neo Modern Diamond Cut Crystal Housing Headlights. Comes equipped with matching Corner Signal Lights!
Projector Lens for the Low Beam to give you the maximum output and increase visibility at night. And unlike others' low quality projector lens which are made in China, ours are the German developed and one of the best quality projector lens you can get.
Real Xenon Upgrade, Real 8000K Xenon HID Bulbs with Ballasts.  We have Professionally Pre-installed Xenon HID in the headlights for you.  So, it's matter of Plug & Play. With this Xenon upgrade, we have converted the Projector Low Beam into Xenon HID Projector. 
IF you have Factory Halogen (Non-Xenon) Headlights:
For the Non-Xenon equipped car owners, this set of headlight is your perfect upgrade, the installation is plug & play and straight forward.  
IF you have Factory Xenon Headlights:
For the Original Xenon equipped car owners, we can custom pre-wired one to fit your car too.  You will need to contact us and let us know if you fall into this category so we can do the necessary change for you.
DEPO includes a single filament amber bulb for the Corner Signal Light for Euro Spec models. But, if you have a US Spec vehicle, you will not be able to utilize it.
The bulbs sized are H7/H7 for Low beam/High Beam. HID for the Low Beam is Pre-Installed as stated in the above.  In addition, the headlights require H7 for the High Beams, Bulbs are included for the High Beam.  Designed for direct bolt on.
Direct Replacement - Not universal type lights. No Modification needed. Simple Plug & Play.
Made by German FK-Automotive's OEM manufacturer, DEPO. ISO 2001 Certified, Quality is Guaranteed!
Although DIY is possible.  PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION is RECOMMENDED, NO instruction will be included except the manufacturer's original ones if there is any.
Please check the PHOTOS and read the DESCRIPTION prior to purchase, what you see is what you will get.

Manufacturer: DEPO
Car Model: B5 Passat
From: 1998
To: 2000