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42 Draft Designs Audi TT 225 Intercooler System

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Tired of heat soak and loosing power on your TT225? Here is the solution.
Audi upgraded the 1.8T intercooler system on the TT225, giving it two side mount intercoolers instead of the standard single unit. However the factory K04 is designed to produce only 14.5PSI, increase this number and you are running out of the efficiency range of the factory cooling setup. Changing the software on the car will up the boost significantly. The higher the boost pressure the higher the air intake temperature. When doing modifications such as a chip the factory side mount intercoolers are overwhelmed causing a huge loss in power. Here is where our FMIC enters for the TT225 platform. 
Replacing the small intercoolers and maze of pipe work around the TT with our FMIC kit and you will eliminate heatsoak and promote performance! We use a 22"x9.25"x3.25" bar and plate constructed intercooler core filling the huge amount of space behind the TT factory bumper. This core is able to handle the factory Ko4 and well into the 500+ HP range. Welded in house to this core is our custom made and engraved end tanks. The intercooler mounting brackets mount to factory locations on the car without any modification to the vehicle. The intercooler simply bolts to the front radiator support.
Entering and exiting the end tanks is our silicon connector that connects the intercooler core to our powdercoated mandrel bent 2.5" piping that leads up to factory connection points on the hot and cold side of the charge pressure track.
This intercooler setup requires no modification to the car and you are able to retain the factory headlight washers unlike our competitors intercooler kits. After everything is buttoned back up our intercooler not only looks perfect in the factory grill but performs up to task. Heat soak is a thing of the past as you can pull through all your gears without loosing the ability to cool the hot charge pressure, feel the same power in every gear.

Manufacturer: 42 Draft Designs
MFG Part #: INT-TT-001
Car Model: AUDI MK1 TT 225 1.8T
From: 2000
To: 2006


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