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42 Draft Designs Mk3 VR6 Upper Intake Tube

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The last intake boot you'll ever buy.
As our cars age, plastic parts fail one-by-one. The VR6 air intake boot is no exception. Known to fail in multiple locations, this factory part secretly cracks, killing performance. We're tired of repeatedly replacing the same faulty part, so we designed a permanent solution. Our VR6 Upper Intake Tube replaces expired plastic with heavy-duty mandrel bent tubing and silicone connectors. Our design simplifies the PCV system, fixing leaks forever without any additional hardware. The only side effect is a boost in power!
Precision fabricated from 3" mandrel bent tubing, our Upper Intake Tube makes the turn from MAF to throttle body without affecting MAF position or contacting the strut tower. The key to our successful fitment lies in the bend radius of our tubing. We're bending 3" as tight as any mandrel bender can pull it. Bent tubes are trimmed and aligned on precision tooling where PCV tubing is added. Assembled tubes are TIG welded and bead rolled before heading to powdercoat.
To finish the tubes we apply a Wrinkle Black or Reflective Silver powdercoat. Silicone connectors, PCV, tubing, and hose clamps are added to complete the kit. We're using 4-ply silicone couplers from a trusted source and the same PCV tubing used in our oil catch can kits. Stainless steel inner-lined hose clamps hold everything together, protecting couplers while making the seal.
Once installed, a test drive will reveal a noticeable power gain. We blame it on the smooth path we've created for the intake air as it enters the throttle body. We find part throttle tip-in delivers, while a noticeable bump in power can be felt during midrange and high rpms. How can we claim gains from a simple intake pipe? We've been building these intake pipes for years and have always found worthwhile gains, especially when complimented by an aftermarket intake. We're not offering miracles by any means, but when you're building an all-motor VR6 every little bit helps.
Our Mk3 VR6 Upper Intake Tube is available in ODB1 and OBD2 fitments. OBD1 fitments allow connection of the ISV plumbing. All fitments include tubing and clamps to fix any factory PCV plumbing. All fitments available powdercoated Wrinkle Black or Reflective Silver. Stainless steel tubing is available as an upgrade.


  • 3" Mandrel Bent Tubing
  • Precision TIG Welded
  • Aluminized & Stainless Steel Standard
  • 100% Stainless Steel Optional
  • All Tubing Connections Bead Rolled
  • Powdercoated Finish


  • Upper Intake Tube
  • Black Silicone Couplers
  • Black PCV Tubing
  • Stainless Steel Inner-Lined Clamps


  • Fits 1995-1999 VW Mk3 GTI, Jetta VR6
  • Fits 1992-1995 VW Corrado SLC
  • Fits 1992-1996 VW B3/B4 Passat VR6
  • Fits 1985-1992 VW Mk2 VR6 Swap
  • OBD1 & OBD2 Fitments Available
  • Fits All Intake Systems Including Stock Airbox
  • Replaces Factory PCV Tubing
  • Reversible - No Modification Required

Manufacturer: 42 Draft Designs
MFG Part #: IN-301-10XX / IN-301-20XX
Car Model: MK2 Golf & GTI|MK2 Jetta|MK3 Golf, GTI & Cabrio|MK3 Jetta|B3 Passat|B4 Passat|Corrado
From: 1985
To: 1999


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