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42 Draft Designs VW Mk4 1.8T 2.5 & 3 Inch Turbo-Back

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Maximum Power - Precision Fitment - Incredible Sound

If serious power gains and exquisite sound is what you're looking for; consider the search officially over. Our 1.8T turbo-back exhaust systems provide instant results: significant horsepower and torque gains, high performance sound, and worry-free fitment. More than just a pile of pipes, our turbo-back systems are precision fabricated from CNC machined flanges, CNC mandrel bent piping, Magnaflow mufflers, and mirror polished tips. The result of our meticulous metalworking is a heavy duty exhaust system that fits like it should and outperforms the competition.
Modular by design, our turbo-back systems are available in street or race configurations. Street series systems include a Magnaflow 200 cell catalytic converter. Race series systems include a test pipe. On race day the cat can be easily swapped for a test pipe. Six unique tip fitments allow our turbo-backs to fit any mk4 1.8T.
Our 1.8T turbo-backs are technically a combination of our 3" downpipes and our 2.5" & 3" cat-backs. Repeating the features of our downpipes and cat-backs would only make a long story longer. To learn more, follow the links below to review the detailed construction and fitment information for both systems.
VW Mk4 1.8T 3" Downpipe
VW Mk4 2.5" & 3" Cat-back Exhausts
One feature our downpipes and cat-backs can't boast on their own is power gain. In our extensive testing we were able to dyno test a 'typical' mk4 and measure the changes. We used a relatively stock 2002 GTI 337 edition. The car was chipped, had a cold air intake and an aftermarket diverter valve. No other engine modifications were made to the car. Equipped with stock exhaust, we drove the car thoroughly and dyno tested it. The stock exhaust was swapped out for our 3" turbo-back system and the car was driven to adapt then dyno tested again. With weather conditions literally exact we measured peak gains of 22.5 hp and 48 lb/ft to the wheels! Power gains were felt all over. Boost was built faster and held out longer with the stock turbocharger. No power losses were felt at any point in the powerband. To view a full size, un-altered dyno sheet click here: mk4 1.8T dyno chart
Turbo-back pricing starts at $824.99 and varies by series, pipe size and tip fitment. All configurations can be purchased ceramic coated.
Construction Highlights
CNC mandrel bent 14 gauge aluminized steel tubing
CNC machined 1018 cold roll steel flanges
Professional TIG welded construction throughout
Magnaflow resonator & muffler & catalytic converter
409 stainless steel 200 cell metal catalytic converter
Stainless steel braided flex section
304 stainless steel polished tips
Double layer graphite gaskets
Grade 5 locking hardware
Fitment Details
Fits 1999-2005 VW Mk4 Golf, Jetta, GTI 1.8T
Adjustable flanges allow for precise fitment on every vehicle
Available in street or race configuration
Available Options
Vehicle Fitment
Pipe Size
Ceramic Coating
Product Spotlight: Single Wall vs. Double Wall Tips
Product Spotlight: Ceramic Coating

Manufacturer: 42 Draft Designs
MFG Part #: EX-04-3GXXX / EX-04-3JXXXX
Car Model: MK4 Golf & GTI 1.8T|MK4 Jetta & Bora 1.8T
From: 1999
To: 2005