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42 Draft Designs VW MK5 GTI FSI/TSI 2.5" & 3" Cat-Back

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All out power and sound for the FSI!
Turbocharged horsepower requires serious exhaust. Maximum power starts with a big downpipe and ends with an equally free flowing exhaust system. Designed to bolt to our 3" FSI/TSI downpipes, our 2.5" & 3" cat-backs pick up where the downpipe leaves off. The result is honest performance that sounds and looks as great as it feels.
Our 2.5" and 3" cat-backs begin where our 3" downpipe ends. A CNC machined flange attaches to the final downpipe flange with locking hardware and a double layer graphite gasket. After the flange a set of hangers slide into the factory hanger bushings and supports the piping as it bends into a Magnaflow muffler supported by an additional hanger. After the muffler a short bend ends at another CNC machined flange. This flange connection is adjustable allowing precise fitment of the tips. Piping leaves the flanges and routes neatly under the rear suspension. A precisely fabricated merge splits our piping into two without disrupting flow. Hung neatly in the factory exhaust cutout sits a pair of high polished stainless steel tips.
Our exhaust tips are built and polished in-house. We're perfectionists and it's reflected in our tips - literally. Our cat-backs are available with the choice of single wall or double wall tips. Single wall tips are constructed from a single 3" tube. Each tip is angle cut and welded to a press-formed expansion then polished to a mirror finish outside and shined-up inside. Double wall tips are constructed from two tubes - an inner barrel and an outer barrel. The inner barrel is angle cut and press-formed to precisely meet the angle cut 3" outer barrel. Welding, smoothing and polishing gives these tips a powerful look up-close and from a distance. In either construction our tips are offset to follow the contours of the mk5 rear bumper.
Installation is simple, adjustable, and reliable. A permanent flange allows the system to bolt to our 3" downpipe. Precise design and fabrication routes piping clear of heatshields. Adjustable flanges allow further adjustment if necessary, sealed by double layer graphite gaskets and locking hardware. A pair of collars allow the rear hanger to be locked in place. This means your tips will never slide.
The sound is sporty and refined - not too loud and not a hint of rasp. Because sound varies based on downpipe configuration we cannot accurately describe the resulting sound with words alone. Extensive sound clips will be added to this webpage shortly. These sound clips will present the 2.5" and 3" systems in a variety of turbo-back configurations.
Construction Highlights
CNC mandrel bent 14 gauge aluminized steel tubing
CNC machined 1018 cold roll steel flanges
Professional TIG welded construction throughout
Magnaflow 409 stainless steel muffler
304 stainless steel polished tips
Double layer graphite gaskets
Grade 5 locking hardware
Fitment Details
Fits 2006-2009 VW Mk5 2.0T FSI/TSI GTI & Jetta
Bolts to our 3" downpipe using included hardware
Adjustable flanges allow for precise fitment on every vehicle
Available Options
Pipe Size
Stainless Steel
This 2.5" or 3" cat-back fits 2006-2009 VW Mk5 Golf, Jetta, GTI 2.0T. It fits both FSI and TSI engines inlcuding CBFA. This cat-back is designed to bolt to our 3" FSI/TSI downpipes. It can be custom fit to an existing 3" downpipe. This cat-back if not for everyone. Please read detailed installation information before ordering.
Please allow 5-15 business days for this product to ship. Our cat-backs
are built in house and our fabrication staff is frequently backed up.

Manufacturer: 42 Draft Designs
MFG Part #: EX-05-2Gxxxx
Car Model: MK5 GTI
From: 2006
To: 2009


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