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42 Draft Designs VW MK5/MK6 TSI High-Flow Intake System

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With the achievements of our Audi TT Intake well documented we’re ready to apply our velocity stack intake design to the entire VW/Audi model lineup. The addition of a larger CNC lathe in 2012 and an OMAX Waterjet in 2013 allows us to now manufacture every critical component of our intakes in-house. This means more powerful velocity stacks, unlimited heatshield complexity, and faster production. Quality and attention to detail remain unmatched. The first intake ready for release fits the Mk5/Mk6 TSI.
Serious Gains From A Serious Intake
VW’s Mk5/Mk6 TSI engine bay doesn’t present much of a challenge to a skilled fabricator. Once the factory airbox is removed the engine bay is wide open for air intake interpretation. There’s enough room to experiment with a dozen unique airflow ideas. There’s also plenty of room to make mistakes. When we took on the Mk6 TSI air intake project we focused on our velocity stack design and smooth transition principles. The space defined itself, leaving us with an intake that looks great and truly performs.
To understand how it works, let’s follow the airflow. Fresh air meets the front grill, flowing into the OEM air inlet and splitting off 90/10 into our stainless steel heatshield. Air is then delivered to an oversized filter where it is drawn-in by our CNC machined velocity stack. As air passes over the velocity stack it is organized and accelerated into the intake elbow. After an effortless transition into the MAF housing, intake air makes a steadfast run for the turbo. Power gains are a welcome side effect.
Under the hood, our intake system is perfectly integrated. The heatshield follows the natural lines of the engine bay while making use of the OEM air inlet and airbox mounts. The intake elbow slides over the MAF housing without altering the OEM location. Satin black powdercoat finishes off visible components for a clean look. Secondary air plumbing is filtered, secured, and hidden from view.
On the road, our intake unleashes power and sound. The diverter valve is audible and the sound created by the velocity stack can only be described as vicious. Substantial power gains can be felt throughout the power band with no loss of low-end torque.
We set out to create a serious air intake system and we're confident that we've succeeded. To learn more about our High-Flow Intake System, scroll down. Additional information, photos, videos, and power results will be added when available.
CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum
CNC Waterjet Cut 304 Stainless Steel
Mandrel Bent 304 Stainless Steel Tubing
TIG Welded Construction
Silicone O-Ring & Gasket
100% Stainless Steel Hardware
Satin Black Powdercoat Finish
Velocity Stack
Intake Elbow
K&N Cone Filter
SAI Filter
SAI Filter Adaptor
Mounting Hardware
Fitment & Configuration Details
Fits 2008-2009 VW Mk5 GTI 2.0T TSI
Fits 2008-2009 VW Mk5 Jetta GLI 2.0T TSI
Fits 2010+ VW Mk6 GTI 2.0T TSI
Fits 2010+ VW Mk6 Jetta GLI 2.0T TSI
Additional Fitments Require Testing
Does NOT Fit FSI Engines
Retains Factory SAI Plumbing
Reversible - No Modification Required

Manufacturer: 42 Draft Designs
MFG Part #
Car Model: MK5 GTI|MK5 Jetta GLI|MK6 GTI|MK6 Jetta GLI
From: 2008
To: 2013


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