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Forge Intercooler Reasonator delete hose for Mini Cooper S Turbo (R56)

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This Intercooler Reasonator delete hose fits the 2007 onwards Mini Cooper S.

This hose replaces the two OEM hoses and a sound resonator. The purpose of the OEM resonator is to reduce the roar / whoosh noise that can often be associated with air passing through pipe work. By removing this resonator with a smooth bore hose the resistance is reduced. Several of our competitors claim horsepower gains for the installation of this type of hose, but our own testing showed these to be marginal so we prefer not to make such claims. We did however see change in the torque characteristics with between 10 and 15 ft/lbs improvement on our own test car. It is always difficult to quantify gains for a specific product as a lot will depend on other modifications that have been carried out. Typically if the car is running tuned software with a free lowing down-pipe and exhaust, changes made on the intake, with the fitment of this hose and or a intake filter kit will be more dramatic. From a drivers perspective, after fitting this hose on its own, we did not perceive any increase in noise, but there was a noticeable change in the willingness for the engine to accelerate, which can be associated with the torque improvement and small gain in horsepower.As an added bonus this hose is available in red, blue, or black ( a real stealth install) and will withstand greater temperatures and pressures than the original hose.

Manufacturer: Forge Motorsport
MFG Part #: FMR56RDH
Car Model: Mini Cooper S (R56)
From: 2007
To: Present