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Forge Oil Catch Can Kit for VAG TSI Engines

NOW: USD$514.49

Item#: 110142

The kit will fit the following US-spec vehicles equipped with the TSI engine:

  • MK5 GTI
  • MK5 GLI
  • MK6 GTI
  • B6 Passat CC
  • Eos
  • Tiguan 8P
  • Audi A3
  • MK2 Audi TT




Our kit is unquestionably the most comprehensive out of all of the currently available catch tank options. With no intentions of rushing to market with an incomplete offering, We spent significant amounts of time on every last detail of this kit, incorporating everything necessary to completely bypass the stock PCV system while actually providing increased operative function. The kit is recirculating in design so as to maintain emissions compliance, however, it will capture all of the aerated oil, fuel, and water vapor contained in the blow-by gasses that would otherwise enter the intake tract and potentially contribute to deposits on the intake valves, thereby keeping the intake system clean and the engine performing optimally long-term. The kit incorporates features such as: 
- Hand-fabricated aluminum tank 
- Maintenance free baffle design 
- CNC machined billet aluminum PCV bypass plate ("Africa plate") 
- Large 30 fl. oz. tank capacity 
- Universal tank mounting bracket 
- Stainless mounting steel hardware 
- Clip-on intake manifold cap with 3 vacuum / boost references - Retains original engine cover mounting post location 
- Black powder coated tank and bracket 
- Hard anodized plate and manifold cap 
- Sight glass to check tank fluid level 
- Drain plug and crush washer 
- Oil resistant flourosilicone lined molded hoses 
- Stainless Steel hose clamps 
- Optional Forge logo sticker 
- Will work with aftermarket motor mounts 
- Should work with most if not all TSI-specific aftermarket intake systems

Our kit is the first of its kind for the 2.0 TSI applications to include a component to completely bypass the redundant and failure prone OEM PCV assembly. The stock PCV assembly includes a system of check valves that can effectively cause a boost leak of pressure back into the crankcase when they fail. This assembly also deposits the water, fuel, and oil vapors back into the intake manifold leading directly to valve deposits that can inhibit airflow and power over time. Our plate completely replaces this OEM assembly, bypassing the intake manifold entirely which will minimize intake valve deposits as well as eliminate the potential for a boost leak the wrong way through the system. The plate still incorporates the necessary provisions for equalizing the crankcase pressure from the lower portion of the block with the valve cover, and it also features a strategically placed swiveling outlet fitting positioned at the ideal location for the venting of PCV gases to the tank. Another unique feature included with the kit is a double-o-ring sealed clip-on intake manifold cap with three available ports to source a vacuum/boost reference for various engine accessories, such as a boost gauge, bypass valve, or a water/methanol injection trigger. Any unused ports can be plugged with the included grub screws. This kit does require the removal of the noise pipe, if your vehicle is so equipped, and we will offer an optional hose and plug to accomplish this. If your car does not have a noise pipe, you do not need to worry about this. Or you may have already removed the pipe from your vehicle with parts purchased at your local hardware store, or perhaps you have used the OEM Tiguan upper intercooler pipe which bypasses this altogether.

To download fitting instructions for this product click here

If you have ever wondered just how efficient these kits are at removing the sludge and oil, take a look at this:



Aerated vapors in the blow-by gases are only partially responsible for intake valve deposits. Installation of this product will only partially limit the potential for these deposits to occur. Intake valve deposits can still form to some degree due to seepage of oil from the intake valve guides.

Manufacturer: Forge Motorsport
Car Model: MK5 GTI|MK5 Jetta GLI|MK6 GTI|B6 Passat CC|Eos|Tiguan|8P A3|MK2 TT


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