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MK4 Golf Look Crystal Clear Headlight Kit

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Crystal clear with super crisp clear reflection lens and give a clean fresh look to your Golf 3. Benefits from the new design of the Golf 4! Comes complete with integrated "city lights", detailed instructions & wiring. Requires modification to fit into North American cars. The European versions of the Golf and Jetta 3 have different front ends than the North American versions of these cars. Therefore, European spec headlights will NOT bolt directly onto a North American car without some modifications. There are 2 options: 1) Modify your vehicle to accept these lights, or 2) Install a european spec radiator support. If you choose to modify your vehicle, you will need to trim away a small part of your radiator support, fabricate simple aluminum L-brackets, and use some spacers in order to get a good fit. If you are patient, and mechanically inclined, this is something you can do yourself. The most difficult part is ensuring there is a nice even gap between each headlight and the grille/bumper/fender/hood. If you do not feel confident in your ability to install these lights, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL. If you choose to install the european spec rad support, please be aware that on cars with air conditioning, one of the A/C hoses is routed through your rad support so you will have to have your A/C system Discharged before and Recharged after the installation of the new rad support.

Manufacturer: HELLA
MFG Part #: 1 DJ 008 187-801
Car Model: MK3 Golf, GTI & Cabrio
From: 1993
To: 1999