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MK7 Style OEM European Switch With Chrome Trim

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Item#: 140018

As not all VW's vehicle are compatible to the wiring connections to that light switch, please remove the existing light switch and check if the existing light switch is with 10 pins connections before purchasing this switch. You can see the below description for tips on how to remove the existing light switch. 
100% New 2013 Genuine OEM China Made VW Lighting Switch (w/ chrome finishes for the rotary knob)
This New 2013 Auto Light Switch is factory designed for the new VW Golf MK7 and some latest 2014 VW Tiguan, it is backwar compatible with older MK5 & MK6 Models.
Size:- Diameter: 63mm, Length: 66mm(exclude the rotary knob) - Same size with all >Year 2009 multiple light switch
In general, it is fully compatible with all old model VW light switch (5ND941431A(China Made) / 3C8941431C(EU Made) / 1K0941431BD(EU Made) with 10 pins adaptar/connector Multiple Light Switch with side lights, dipped beam lights, front and real fog lights function 
Genuine New 2013 OEM VW's Multiple light Switch with chrome finishes rotary knob 
Multiple-Light Switch with Side Lights(City Lights/Parking lights), Dipped(Main) Beam Lights, Front and real fog lights functions
Side Lights
Side Lights + Front Fog Lights
Side Lights + Front Fog Lights + Rear Fog Lights (if vehicle is equipped wth fog lights)
Dipped Beam Lights
Dipped Beam Lights + Front Fog Lights
Dipped Beam Lights + Front Fog Lights + Rear Fog Light (if vehicle is equipped wth fog lights)
How to remove and install?
Switch off ignition and all electrical consumers, and remove ignition key
Turn light switch to "0" position
Press in -"arrow C" - rotary knob of light switch and turn slightly to right -"arrow A"-
Hold rotary knob in this position and pull on rotary knob to remove light switch from dash panel -"arrow B"-
Look at the existing switch connection port -"arrow"- if fit for this chrome light switch installation or not 

Manufacturer: VW
MFG Part #: 5ND 941 431 D
Car Model: Various VAG Cars